Exness Demo Account: How to Open and Trade

Exness demo account from a broker with a worldwide reputation gives every trader an opportunity to trade without any risks regardless of investment experience and knowledge of financial markets. The account gives real access to the markets and functionality of the platforms to improve your trading strategy and investment experience without financial investments.
exness demo account

Who can use the Exness Demo Account?

Exness demo account is a unique opportunity for any trader. Allowing to learn all the subtleties of trading on available platforms, developing and honing strategies, increasing investment knowledge - a demo account becomes an indispensable tool for traders regardless of their trading experience.

Dignity of demo account for new traders

For traders without any trading experience and market knowledge, the Exness demo account is a special platform through which you can learn the ins and outs of trading:

Explore the available platforms and learn how to properly analyze the market for your successful investments.

Take advantage of training materials to increase your knowledge.

Learn how to properly use all available tools and try out strategies.

Understand your trading style and move to a real account on favorable terms.

Dignity of demo account for traders with little
trading experience

Traders with an average knowledge of the financial markets will also gain useful skills thanks

to the Exness Demo Account:

You will realize the intricacies of trading in a variety of markets that you have not even encountered before.

The opportunity to experiment with different strategies and tools, you will improve your analysis skill of the markets.

When dealing with new markets, you will have the opportunity to adapt to the constant volatility

of assets in a risk-free environment.

Dignity of demo account for professional traders

For professionals, the Demo account will also not be neglected, providing great opportunities for improving trading:

You can learn and develop new strategies and apply new tools to a variety of markets.

Experiment without risking loss of finances, increasing your investment coverage.

Share your experience and learn from other successful traders by trying new trading tools and applying

them to your own strategies.

Ways to open a demo Exness account

There are several ways to open an Exness demo account. Through the personal cabinet on the exness.com website and through the Exness Trade mobile application.

Although your first Exness demo account becomes available immediately after registration with standard trading conditions.

You can also open a new demo account for MT4 or MT5 platform and customize the necessary conditions, you can always

do it in your personal area Exness.

The process of opening a demo account is standard both on the broker's website and mobile app.

This guide will help you to set up all the necessary parameters of the demo account:

1. In your Exness personal account, go to the “My Accounts” section.
2. Select the platform for which you need a demo account (Metatrader 4 or Metatrader 5 Exness).
3. Select the account type for which you want to open a demo account.

Exness Demo Account
Exness Demo Account
4. Select the “Demo” tab and make the necessary settings: leverage, account currency and starting capital.
You can also leave the standard settings.
5. Think the name of the account so that it will not be confused with other accounts, as well as the password.
6. Once all settings are completed, the demo account will appear in the My Accounts section under the demo tab. You can switch to trading with Exness demo account by clicking the yellow “Trade” button.
Exness Demo Account
4. Select the “Demo” tab and make the necessary settings: leverage, account currency and starting capital.
You can also leave the standard settings.
5. Think the name of the account so that it will not be confused with other accounts, as well as the password.
6. Once all settings are completed, the demo account will appear in the My Accounts section under the demo tab. You can switch to trading with Exness demo account by clicking the yellow “Trade” button.

Trading with Exness Demo Account

Trading on an Exness Demo account gives you the unique experience of trading all available markets. Without any financial investment or associated risk.

Forex trading

1. Select the currency pair you want to start trading. The huge range of possibilities will be to the taste of every trader.

2. Start by analyzing the market for the selected asset. The broker provides a variety of analytical tools for clear and detailed analysis. Study the market using a variety of charts and auxiliary curves, use auxiliary indicators for more accurate results. Use the economic calendar to analyze news on market movements.
Exness Demo Account
3. After analyzing, you can either buy the selected asset or sell it. Exness demo account fully repeats all trading possibilities of the real account.
4. Take advantage of the order tools (take profit and stop loss). This will allow you to evaluate and manage possible risks in demo trading and to fix possible profit or avoid losses.

5. Keep track of your trading history to analyze your strategies (weaknesses and strengths).
This will help you to improve your trading and strategies.

Exness Demo Account
6. Control your account capital, so you will understand what risks you can take.
Don't be afraid to take risks on a demo account, it will help you to evaluate your trading skills and adjust your abilities.
7. Once you have gained the necessary trading experience on your Exness demo account, move on to real trading. This will help you to get real experience and real profit. Utilize the educational resources provided by Exness. This will help you fill in your trading gaps.

Exness Demo account benefits

Riskless trading
With a demo account you get virtual funds for making trades. This allows you to gain the necessary experience without risking your own finances. You can use even the riskiest strategies in trading, which will increase your investment experience.
Tools and platforms
A demo account provides access to the same tools and platforms as real trading, allowing traders to assess their capabilities and gain experience in markets like Forex, Commodities, Cryptocurrency, and Stocks.
Virtual market environment
Exness Demo account perfectly simulates real market conditions, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the financial world and practice all possible strategies as in real trading on the markets.
Analysis tools
Exness demo account has all available tools for analyzing the market, as well as for real trading. Any trader will easily gain the necessary experience and knowledge of proper analysis and use of tools, which will increase trading experience and
Variety of trading conditions
Thanks to the variety of Exness live accounts, a demo account can
be opened for any live account and take full advantage of the trading conditions. Evaluate market conditions and choose the right real account for your trading strategies.

Available platforms for trading on Exness demo account

Exness provides a variety of platforms for trading. Exness Web Terminal, Exness Trade mobile app, and Metatrader 4 and Metatrader 5 platforms, allowing traders to gain meaningful experience to develop their trading skills.

Of course, the Exness demo account is available on all platforms provided by the broker.

Web Terminal Exness
Web demo version allows traders to access on all types
of devices both on PC and mobile devices without any
download and installation. A wide range of tools and features,
as well as a customizable platform allows you to respond quickly
and clearly to the volatility of financial markets.
Exness Mobile App
Mobile demo version is created for those traders who are ready to trade in any conditions. The user-friendly interface and access to the markets make trading easy and accessible. And the availability of all available analytical tools allows for accurate market analysis.
Exness MetaTrader 4
Demo version of MT4 - the most popular trading platform allows you to use such tools in trading as: autonomous trading with the use of Expert Advisors (EA), a wide range of tools for market analysis and auxiliary resources. All this in a risk-free environment with additional trading opportunities.
Exness MetaTrader 5
The demo version of MT5 Exness will increase the additional features of demo trading. The improved version of the MT4 platform with extended functionality will allow you to use the economic calendar, a variety of order types and trades for complex strategies.

Comparison of Demo and Real Exness Accounts

Exness Demo Account

Exness demo account is a unique opportunity to practice trading

in a risk-free environment.

Traders of any level are free to trade in a virtually simulated environment without financial risks. Despite the virtual environment, the demo account clearly replicates real trading and does not differ in its functionality.

Thanks to Exness demo version you can familiarize yourself with all platforms, markets and tools that Exness broker provides. You can also develop trading strategies and experiment without risking your own finances.

This account gives you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in trading on the markets and gain valuable experience to move to real trading on real conditions with real risks, learning to analyze competently and avoid financial losses.

Open demo account Exness

Exness Real Account

Exness Real Account - real market conditions with your finances invested, where you may incur appropriate risks.

Real account is trading for experienced traders who know the ins and outs of investing, who can analyze the markets using the tools provided on the platforms and who can evaluate economic changes in the market.

You should move to a real account after demo trading, when you clearly understand all the possible risks and your trading experience.

Do not trade on a demo account, it is better to move to a real account as soon as you gain confidence, as the virtual environment of a demo account can dull your reactions to possible risks.

Open real account Exness

Guidelines on how to effectively use your Exness Demo Account

In order to effectively use virtual trading with Exness demo accounts you should understand a few basic rules in trading:

Trade consciously applying all possible tools for market analysis and realizing possible risks, as in real trading
- this will facilitate the transition from demo account to real trading.
Use a variety of trading strategies to find your own style. Don't be afraid of experimentation, it will help you to better
navigate the ever-changing economic market.
Follow the news feeds and use the economic calendar, this will allow you to react quickly to changes in your assets.
Analyze your trading, look for strengths and weaknesses, adjusting your trading experience.
Educate yourself using the materials provided by Exness broker, use the forums of the broker's official website, share your experience and learn from the experience of more experienced traders. This will help you to define your trading plans and make clear market positions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Exness demo accounts are entirely free for traders.
Yes, Exness demo accounts are entirely free for traders.
How long does it take to open an Exness demo account?
The registration and account opening process consists of 5 steps and takes only a few minutes.
Can I switch from an Exness demo account to a real account?
Of course, you can open several demo accounts for different platforms: exness demo account mt4,
exness demo account mt5.
What platforms are available for Exness demo accounts?
Exness demo account is available for all broker platforms. These include: Exness Web Terminal, mobile app,
MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 Exness platforms.
Do I need to verify my identity to open an Exness demo account?
To trade using Exness demo account, you do not need to go through the verification process. You can trade without it.
But when you switch to real trading, you need to go through this process and provide all the necessary documents.
How do I switch from a demo account to a real account on Exness?
To switch from a demo Exness account to a real one, you need to clearly understand that you are ready for real trading. After that, in the personal area Exness to pass the process of profile verification and in the section My Accounts to open the necessary real account with suitable trading conditions for you.

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