Exness MT5

Set up Exness MT5 - A contemporary trading platform tailored for seasoned traders.

Exness MT5 - A sophisticated trading platform, encompassing a range of asset classes and multifaceted features, crafted especially for expert traders.

Exness, established in 2008, is renowned for its distinct trading platform. By 2021, it recorded a monthly trading volume of 700 billion USD and boasted a user base of over 150,000 registrants. Presently, Exness provides a variety of investment options including stocks, an array of over 120 currency pairs, energy commodities, and metals.

Exness Platforms

The brokerage provides a diverse range of trading platform options. Whether you prefer the widely-used MetaTrader 4 or the Exness MT5, both are available for access across various devices via their respective mobile apps and web interfaces.

You have three distinct avenues to access or install MetaTrader 5.
There's no need to download MT5 to trade. You can log into Exness MT5 straight from your browser utilizing the Web terminal feature.
The PC version of MT5 is available for free download from the broker's official site. It's designed to be lightweight and won't consume much storage.
MT5 and MT4 are available for iPhone and Android. Use these apps to manage trades, accounts, withdrawals, and view trading history.

Introduction to Exness MetaTrader 5

Exness MetaTrader 5
MT5 offers traders an extensive array of features and options tailored for diverse trading needs. Designed for forex activities, it's also proficient in handling stocks, futures, and options. With support for automated strategies, MT5 is accessible on desktops, browsers, and mobile devices. It ensures a trustworthy environment for executing trades and provides advanced tools for both technical and fundamental market analysis.
MT5 is a multifaceted trading platform ideal for forex, stocks, futures, and options. It supports automated trading and is accessible on desktops, browsers, and mobile devices. Combining security with robust analysis tools, it caters to both technical and fundamental market assessments.

The enhanced benefits of Exness MT5 over MT4

Contrasts between Exness MT5 and MT4:
While MT4 appeals to a broad spectrum of market participants, MT5 is tailor-made for seasoned investors. While many who have experience with MT4 might hesitate to transition, professionals continuously seek platforms with cutting-edge features to optimize earnings.
Here are some standout attributes of Exness MetaTrader 5 (MT5):
Time frames have expanded from 9 in MT4 to 21 in MT5.
Boasts 80 analytical instruments and chart tools, surpassing MT4's 50.
Incorporates 6 pending order types and 4 familiar order types from MT4, but introduces two more: Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit.
The platform includes an integrated economic calendar, highlighting market events directly on price graphs.
Enables traditional stock trades without resorting to Contracts for Difference (CFD).
These enhancements position MT5 as a formidable trading tool, particularly aligned with the aspirations of expert traders to amplify their trading outcomes.

How to download MT5?

A significant benefit Exness offers is the complimentary access for all users to the MT5 trading platform. This broker's software is available for both computer and mobile phone downloads. Below are the steps to guide you on how to access Exness MetaTrader 5.

Download Mt5

Head to the official website and procure the MT5 installation file.
Initiate the installation by double-clicking the downloaded file, then review and accept the license terms.
Select your preferred installation directory and finalize the setup.
Open the trading platform to commence your trading activities.
Metatrader 5

Download MT5 for Android

Download the Exness MT5 app from the Google Play store or via the link on the official website.
Once installed, access the app with your credentials and begin trading.
The mobile app mirrors the functionality of the desktop version, ensuring you can trade at optimal times.
One key benefit of this mobile application is its user-friendly design geared towards seamless trading.
Exness MT5

Download Exness MT5 to iOS

Exness MT5
To get the Exness MT5 app on your iOS device, head to the App Store. The app is available for free download. For an enhanced mobile trading experience, the broker also provides the Exness Trader app. This mobile app mirrors the functionalities of the desktop platform, enabling you to determine the best times to execute or conclude trades.
Once downloaded, tap "Open" on your device to initiate the app.
Sign up or sign in using your credentials.

Download MT5 for Mac OS

First, locate and download the most recent version of the MT5 platform to the relevant folder.
Next, double-click the software file to start the installation process.
Follow through with the installation and operational steps.

How to use MetaTrader 5?

If you have experience with online trading, setting up MetaTrader 5 should be straightforward since many brokers adopt a similar installation procedure.

How to Operate Exness MT5

For Exness MT5 functionality, traders should secure the relevant application tailored for their specific operating system.

MT5 for Windows

To get the application on a Windows machine, start by logging into your Exness account.
Next, choose the trading account and opt for the MT5 platform.
Set up account details like leverage, username, and password.
Once done, the download of MetaTrader 5 will commence on your computer.
Windows MT5
To install the application on your Windows PC, adhere to the following instructions:

Navigate to the Exness official website and locate the MT5 option. Click on it to initiate the download.
Thoroughly review the license agreement. Should you concur with the terms, tick the box labeled "I agree to the terms" and proceed by clicking "Next".
Access the download directory on your PC and locate the downloaded MT5 file. If you're comfortable with the default folder, click "Continue". If you wish to change the directory, select "Browse", choose your preferred location, and then click "Next".
Upon reaching the subsequent interface, pick a program menu group and then press "Next".
To finalize the setup, hit "Continue". Should you wish to make any modifications, select the "Back" button.
Once the installation is complete, launch the MT5 application by clicking on its icon. Then, hit the "Finish" button to wrap up the download and setup procedure.

MT5 for Linux

To get Exness MT5 on your computer, download the setup file and initiate the installation. Adhere to the on-screen guidelines throughout the setup. Once done, launch MT5, and it'll be ready for immediate use.

MT5 for mobile

To set up MT5 on your Android or iOS mobile device, follow these steps:
For Android, go to the Play Store; for iOS, head to the App Store. Search for “MT5” to locate and download the app.
Once Exness Meta Trader 5 is installed, open the app and tap on the icon with three horizontal lines. Navigate to the “Account Management” section.
On the subsequent screen, tap the “plus” icon in the top right. You'll be prompted to choose a broker. Type “Exness” in the search field and select Exness Technologies Ltd from the results.
Input your login details: username, password, and server. Ensure all details are correct before proceeding. With that, you're set to trade using MT5 on your mobile.

Getting Acquainted with MetaTrader

To become proficient in trading with MetaTrader 5, let's delve into the functionalities of each segment of this platform.

Market Watch Window

Exness Mt 5
In the default view, the Market Watch Window displays the top 20 trading instruments for your account type.
To include additional instruments:
Right-click within the window and choose "Symbols."
Select a category to reveal its contained instruments. Instruments currently active will be highlighted in yellow, whereas the inactive ones are in gray.
Double-click on an instrument to toggle its visibility in the Market Watch window or use the "Show" and "Hide" buttons for this action.
Once done, hit the "Close" button.
Chart window
To display the chart of a chosen instrument, drag it from the "Market Overview" window to the "Chart" section, or right-click and opt for "Chart Window".
There are three chart styles to choose from: bars, candlesticks, and line charts. Switching between these styles is straightforward using the provided menu options.
This instrument encompasses:
Indicators: Serving as technical markers.
Advisors: Facilitating automated trading based on price charts.
Scripts: Tools that enable swift trade execution.
MT 5
To adjust the chart's timeframe, simply select the relevant button at the top (as indicated) or navigate to Chart .Timeframe to view the range of accessible time intervals.


This segment offers a variety of crucial tools for forex traders, such as:
Trade Dashboard: This showcases details about active orders and your account metrics like overall funds, balance, available margin, etc.
Trade History: Your past trading actions, encompassing buys, sells, and closed positions, along with the results of each transaction, are displayed here.
Economic Schedule: Exclusive to MT5, this feature wasn't available in previous iterations.
Alerts: Get real-time updates about finalized operations in this section.
Price Graphs: These visualize the fluctuations in prices. For a closer or broader view, utilize the zoom controls located in the upper right.
Additionally, from the 'Market Overview' section, you can access the chart of any instrument, or with a single click, promptly display a chart showcasing the market's depth.

Properties Window

Within this segment, there are several handy tools at your disposal:
Configuration Essentials: Select the desired price chart for display.
Visualization Preferences: Users can toggle the visibility of specific values and configurations on the chart.
Palette Choices: Users can customize the chart colors according to their preferences.
Within this area, you're equipped with these foundational features:
Chart Generation: Showcase a price graph for the chosen asset.
Account Registration: Set up a fresh trading profile.
Account Access: Sign into your MT5 trading platform.
Exness MT5
Consequently, we've highlighted some essential features for those interested in forex trading through MetaTrader 5. With consistent practice, you'll quickly become adept and comfortable using them.

Benefits of MetaTrader 5

While the MT5 terminal's interface remains largely reminiscent of its predecessor, its inner capabilities have significantly evolved. Previously limited to forex trading, MetaTrader 5 now allows users to engage in forex, CFDs, stocks, futures, and options trading, all under a single account, streamlining the trading experience. Additionally, improvements include faster order processing, enhanced analytical tools, additional indicators, and a broader range of time frames.
Exness MT5
Using MetaTrader 5, Exness clients usually enjoy the following advantages:
  • MT5 delivers instant, market, on-demand, and exchange trade execution.
  • While MT5 offers 21 timeframes, only the main ones are displayed on the default toolbar.
  • For trading newcomers, consider following signals from experienced traders.
  • Utilize live charts for technical analysis to promptly respond to market changes.
  • When assessing a strategy, focus on the frequency of trades and profitability.
  • Embrace flexibility and trade from any location.
In conclusion, MetaTrader 5 boasts modest system requirements and offers compatibility with various operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and Mac, ensuring versatility for traders across platforms.


How can I set up a live account on MT5 with Exness?

For existing Exness users, establishing a live or demo account on MT5 is straightforward. First, sign in to your user dashboard and click on "Set Up an Account". A variety of account options will appear – some tailored for novices with no initial deposit requirements, while professional-grade accounts might necessitate a starting investment of at least $200. Select your desired trading tool, adjust the leverage, pick a currency, and determine a secure password. Following these steps, you're free to fund your account and dive into trading by utilizing the "Deposit", "Withdraw", and "Trade" commands.

How can I access MetaTrader 5?

Getting started is a breeze. Launch the trading software on your desktop. Navigate to the "File" option in the top menu and choose "Access Trading Account". You'll then need to input your account credentials, consisting of your account ID, the password, and the appropriate server.

Want to set up an Exness MT5 demo account?

Every Exness client has access to the Personal Center, a hub where you can monitor past accounts, oversee current ones, or initiate new trading accounts. Exness offers demo accounts tailored for practice and strategy development purposes. In fact, you can establish a MT5 demo account equipped with 500 virtual units to refine your trading approach.

How to get Exness MT5 on your PC?

To get the MetaTrader 5 on your computer, head to the Exness webpage. Under the "Platforms" category, opt for MetaTrader 5, then proceed with the provided download link. Save and execute the installer. Once the setup concludes, activate the terminal and you're all set to trade.

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