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Exness mobile app with the possibility to download it on Android and iOS
will allow you to stay always aware of all market changes, and most importantly to react to them in time from anywhere in the world and at any convenient time for you.
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Updated: 05.06.2024

Exness mobile app for Android and iPhone

The broker cares about the convenience of traders and gives the opportunity to download Exness apk for mobile based on AiOS and Android.

The simple system of downloading and installing Exness mobile app gives you quick access to your personal account for opening an account, instant deposit and quick start of your trading.

Here you will learn all the advantages of Exness Trader apk, as well as convenient ways to download and install it.

Exploring the Exness Trade App

Exness Mobile App is a mobile version of the Exness Web Terminal platform that allows traders to use all the same features, only on a mobile device.

There is no need to spend time learning how to trade via a mobile device if you are already an experienced web terminal user. You simply log in to your Exness account and start trading in the familiar style.

If you are just starting real trading or want to try demo trading - Exness Trader will be the best choice for you.

Thanks to its simple functionality and access to educational resources, you will quickly learn the rules of trading on various markets and will be able to make your first profit in the shortest possible time.

Advantages of Trading with Exness on Mobile

Trading on the go has never been more convenient than with Exness. Exness Trader gives traders the flexibility to manage their portfolios from anywhere in the world, ensuring that opportunities are never missed. The app's optimized interface provides fast and efficient navigation, allowing traders to execute orders accurately. Real-time market data and updates keep traders informed, making it easier to make timely decisions.

Manage your portfolio from anywhere.
Access all the functionality of the trading platform at your fingertips, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to trade.
User-friendly design
The user-friendly design makes navigating the app fast and efficient. Make trades with precision using a well-organized structure that simplifies order placement and management.
Monitor quotes, charts and news feeds in real time.
Make informed trading decisions based on the latest market information and trends.

Exness provides a secure trading environment.
Your personal data and transactions are protected, giving you peace of mind when trading on the go.
Customize personalized alerts.
Customize the app according to your trading preferences and strategies.

Exness Trade App Features

The Exness Trade app has many features aimed at making trading more convenient. It offers:

    1. Advanced charting tools that allow traders to perform detailed technical analysis directly from their mobile devices.
  • 2. Customize alerts for price movements, order executions and important market events. Receive push notifications to stay informed in real-time, ensuring you never miss a critical moment.
  • 3. Exness Trade supports a variety of account types, catering to different trading needs and strategies. Switch between accounts easily and manage your trades efficiently.
  • 4. Trade a variety of instruments including forex, commodities, indices and cryptocurrencies. Diversify your portfolio and take advantage of different market opportunities.
  • 5. Get access to a wide range of educational materials including tutorials, articles and webinars. Improve your trading skills and knowledge with comprehensive educational resources.
  • 6. Take advantage of 24/7 customer support available directly through the app. Quickly resolve any issues by accessing professional help whenever you need it.
  • 7. Synchronize your mobile trading activity with the Exness web platform for a seamless trading experience. Maintain consistency in your approach to trading across devices.

How to download Exness APK for Android?

Download Exness apk can be done in several ways. Here you can choose a convenient way just for you - from the broker's official website or from Google Play Market:

Download Exness from broker's website

To Download Exness apk from the official website, you need to follow these steps:

1. Go to exness.com through any convenient browser.
2. Go to the “Platforms” section as shown in the picture, select the mobile section and click on “Exness Trade app”.

3. On the page that opens, click on the right side button “APK” to download.
4. Scan the QR code that appears with your mobile device and go to Google Play.

5. Click the Download button and wait for the download of the Exness Trade app to complete.
6. Once installed, an app icon will appear on your device, activate it and log into your Exness account. If you are not already registered - go through the registration process.
 Exness apk download

Download Exness apk from Google Play

To download Exness apk from Play Store you only need an Android cell phone and then follow these instructions:

Download Exness apk from Google Play

1. Open Google Play on your device.

2. In the search bar of the app store, type “Exness Trade” and select Exness apk from the list.

3. Click on the “Download” button and wait for the download to complete

4. Once the installation process is complete, go to the app and log in to your account or go through Exness registration.

Download Exness App for iOS

Exness app download for iOS cell phones can also be installed in two ways: via the broker's official website and via App Store.

To download Exness Trade through the official website you need:

1. Visit exness.com and under “Platforms” select “Exness Trade” and go to the page to download the app.

2. Click the button on the left side labeled “Download on the App Store” as shown in the picture.

3. Scan the QR code with your mobile device and go to the app store and click on the “Download” button.

4. Once the download is complete, simply log in to your Exness account via the mobile app or register if you don't have an account yet.

 Exness apk download

Download Exness Trade from App Store

For Exness app download directly from App Store follow these steps:

1. Open App Store on your iOS cell phone.

2. In the search bar of the store, type the name of the app “Exness Trade” and select from the list to download.

3. Click on the “Download” button and wait for the app installation to complete.

4. Go to Exness Trade and go through the process of registering an Exness account if you don't already have one. If you do have an account, simply enter your Exness account login details.


Is it safe to download the Exness APK from third-party websites?

We recommend downloading Exness from the broker's official website exness.com or Google Play and App Store to ensure your safety and authenticity of the application. Downloading Exness application from third-party sites may lead to hacking of your account, as the broker is responsible and ensures the security of only official sources for installation of the application.

How do I install the Exness APK on my Android device?

You can Download Exness apk from the broker's official website exness.com as well as from the Google Play store. In this article you will find a detailed guide on how to install Exness Trade app for Android, as well as for AiOS-based mobiles.

Why can't I find the Exness app on the Google Play Store?

If the Google Play store or App Store is not available for download, it may be due to access restrictions for some regions.
If this happens to you - go to exness.com and download the application from the broker's official website. And also you can contact Exness technical support service to solve any issues related to the application.

What features are available in the Exness mobile app?

Exness Trader apk offers features such as real-time trading, account management, chart analysis and access to various trading tools.

Can I use the Exness app on my tablet?

Exness Trader app you can use on any Android and iOS device. This applies to mobile devices and tablets.

How do I update the Exness app to the latest version?

Exness Trader is updated automatically. But you can track it on the broker's official website, or in Google Play or App Store. And you can also put a check mark for automatic updating of the application on your device.

How do I log in to my Exness account on the mobile app?

To log in to your Exness account, simply log in to the Exness Trade mobile app and enter the e-mail and password you used to register on the broker's official website.

Can I open a new account using the Exness mobile app?

Yes, you can fully manage your Exness account through the mobile app.
To open a new account, you need to go to “My Accounts section in your personal cabinet and select the required account to open.
If you are not already an Exness user, you will need to download the app and complete the registration process through Exness Trade by selecting the appropriate button when logging into the app and entering an up-to-date mailing address and password that meets the requirements.

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